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Some people may have noticed it : the French version of had changed its look for quite a while ! It was time to adapt the english website to have the same look'n'feel.

In reality, it goes beyond a simple ergonomic change. Small tour of the owner.

A new ergonomics

First, the ergonomics was revised: we wanted the site to be more attractive and not hinder its consultation. Some extra images and a revised layout avoid a too austere reception:

A fully editable site

One of the great novelties: the site is now entirely editable!

You will find on each page in the sidebar a button "Edit page on GitHub" or "Edit article on GitHub". It looks like this:

You will be able to propose modifications or even add new content to this site. A simple validation of our part, and here is the modified site!

A wiki!

The edition of the site takes on its full meaning with the appearance of a Wiki part: it allows to centralize the known resources about Duniter.

So it becomes easier to accompany newcomers by directing them to relevant articles and tutorials, while providing a knowledge base for ourselves.

Hope you like this new version!