The uCoin project will be in the spotlight of the 5th Freedom Money Meeting (FMM) on coming 4th & 5th June 2015 in Paris! This will be a great occasion for us to:

  • make a live demo by creating our FMM5 currency!
  • present with more details both core and client softwares
  • give plans of the project for the coming months
  • explain more precisely the project's philosophy

So if you are a potential developer, tester or promoter of this project, do not hesitate to subscribe this event! Below is the original announcement made on website, with subscription & organization details. Looking forward to see you there!

5th Freedom Money Meeting 4th to 7th June 2015 Paris

Posted on February 5, 2015 08:49 by Galuel

The 5th freedom money meeting (FMM5, “Rencontres des Monnaies Libres”) will take place in France / Paris – Montreuil, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th June 2015. You can subscribe emailing galuel at glibre dot org. You can also contribute to the event by publishing those informations in your own website. The program is an indication, and will be modified during next months.

  • 4th June 2015 : uCoin core (for developpers only)
  • Introduction, presentation and running uCoin core
  • Review of different WoT algorithm and how to code them in uCoin core
  • Code review of Nodejs, uCoin, objects, class and code architecture
  • How to compile and produce full uCoin package
  • RoadMap and more…

  • 5th June 2015 : Cutecoin + uCoin Apps (mobile) (for developpers only)

  • Introduction and presentation of Cutecoin code architecture (Python etc…)
  • Compiling and Running last Cutecoin version, joining a uCoin free money community
  • Introduction and presentation of uCoin Apps, a uCoin mobile client
  • RoadMap and more

  • 6th June 2015 : Game “La Corbeille” new version 3.0 ! (Open to any contributor)

  • morning (9h00) : subscriptions to the game and rules explanations, choice of money models to play
  • morning (10h00) : Game start with first money code played 80 years
  • Morning (13h00) : Lunch
  • Afternoon (14h00) : Game with next money code played 80 years
  • Afternoon (18h00) : collecting game data, first comments towards video and text production

  • 7th June 2015 : Other contributions

  • Morning (10h00): Relative Money Theory conference about demonstration a new RTM Theorem “Law of transformation RdB/DU” : full equivalence (not completion) of referentials between free money and basic income based systems + how to contribute to RTM development
  • Afternoon (14h00) : Contributors to freedom money meet developers and exchange about how to join project and testing money community with CuteCoin.
  • How to play “La Corbeille 3.0″, collect data, developp the game community and development of a “Corbeille game data” internet site.
  • How to produce conference about freedom money, with return of experiences, sharing data and graphics.

France / Paris – Montreuil (near Métro Mairie de Montreuil more details after subscription).

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Propositions of organisation for 6th Freedom Money Meeting, must be sent before 31st August 2015. The event needs to take place around November 2015, just send mail to any OpenUDC oruCoin contributor or connect to the XMPP chatroom.