Technical  cgeek release 🇫🇷 2017-07-05

Duniter version 1.3.14

Duniter version 1.3.14 is now available for download!


This version compiles the patches up to version 1.3.13, and brings a final touch to the Duniter network that had a tendency to fork regularly in recent weeks.

It seems that a bug in the IPv6 contact is causing the problem. IPv6 is now the last choice to contact a node, the order of preference is now: DNS, IPv4, IPv6.

This patch has been tested on a network node Ğ1, which immediately reveals nodes considered extinct for a long time from the point of view of this node, which considers them again on and available.


White check markNo need to resynchronize.


White check mark Compatible with Ğ1.

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