All the content of this site is under CC-BY-SA license except where said otherwise.

Its code is fully available on a GitHub repository git.duniter.org/websites/duniter-website-en-v2 with the instructions for reproducing it on your machine.

Images used on this site

The offical Duniter / Ğ1 logos are on this repo : https://git.duniter.org/communication/g1.
Some logos and images are the production of other people, you can find their origin on the Credits page.

Who are we?

We are simple citizens, mostly french people, trying to produce a new economic value nammed « libre currency », of digital form, and respecting the principles established by the Relative Theory of Money (RTM)

There is currently no official organization behind Duniter, even if the project is supported bien the Art et Zerty company, French EURL owned by the Duniter software founder Cédric Moreau a.k.a cgeek, and owning the Duniter tradmark in France.

If the project takes off on long term, the creation of a Foundation is already considered by its initiators. The trademark would then be transfered to the Foundation.


Please get in touch on the duniter forum.